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Chicks on Slicks

Chicks on Slicks Chicks on Slicks Chicks on Slicks

Female Automotive Racing


Chicks on Slicks History

Who are we?

 “Chicks on Slicks” is an international body of women promoting women who competitively race. We celebrate the performance of females in varying fields of automotive racing. This organization also strives to foster a supportive bond between its association members. 


Our association is in its infancy and we're relying on you, the very first crop of members to further the momentum and grow the vision. We're so very happy to have created a sisterhood of females passionate about automotive racing.

Race Promotion

Along with supporting each other as female automotive racers we want to increase our reach. Soon promotional materials will be available for you to help spread the word that females are dominating the automotive race world!



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Event results and successes of some of our sister members.



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